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Olomouc The Olomouc (UNESCO) - thousand year-old town - is one of the most important Czech cities:

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Minimamal recommended lenght of staying in Olomouc: 2 days

Photos in Olomouc section © Milena Valuskova

Incorect forms of the name Olomouc: Olomuc, Olomouch
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» NH Olomouc - €/
» Hotel Gemo - €/
» Hotel Arigone - €/
» Hotel Lafayette - €/
» Hanacky Dvur - €/
» BW Hotel Pracharna - €/

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Text Comments (7) Post a new comment
Eva from USA 07/2013
I was very pleased to see This lovely city of Olomouc. What a beautiful place it is! Unfortunately, it is virtually unknown to the western world.
Jo from Canada 05/2013
In October how do I book a day time train from olomouc to Krakow?
Frode from Norway 10/2012
Moving to Olomounc in february 2013 with my family, staying for 3-4 months We are looking for apartment or house to rent. Must be 2 bedrooms and it has to be with furniture. Any idea how to find places?
Christina from Czech Republic 10/2011
The best way to get to Olomouc from Krakow is (in my oppinion) by train. Easy and not expensive. But it takes about 4 hours in train. Good luck!
Michael from United States 12/2009
Wonderful web site. I found the City to be very nice place. I have spent 9 weeks this year. Every time I return I find another place to visit. The Church on Sacred Hill was being restored. I hope to see it this coming February.
Saliha from Tόrkiye 11/2009
Hello Czech!
Shane from U.S. 06/2009
Hey! Could you tell me how to get to Olomouc from Krakow? How much and how long will it take? Just trying to travel off the tourist trail!
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