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Ambrose Springs Ambrose's Spring
In 1807, the spring was piped into 3 tanks, each collecting a group of waters that slightly differ in chemical, hydrological and iron composition.

Today, the Ambrose's Spring, also called Springs of Love, yields 10 - 15 l/min. and contains 38.8 - 39.4 mg of iron per liter. The water is used for drinking cures and for carbon dioxide baths. The spring is located in the park above the Casino. Ambrose's Spring was named after the abbot Jeronym Ambrose who had been struggling to make the sources of healing waters available to all. Due to its high ferric content, it caused one's cheeks to turn pink. It was used to cure anemia and chlorosis.

Name: Ambrose's Spring (Ambrozuv pramen)
Address: Dusikova, 353 01 Marianske Lazne
Situation: in the centre of the spa zone
GPS: 49° 58' 27.88" N, 12° 42' 29.33" E
Caroline Spring Caroline's Spring
In 1870, the spring was named in honor of the wife of Emperor Franz I, Caroline Augusta. In 1817, it was roofed by a cupola standing on eight Corinthian columns.

The waters of Caroline's Spring were drunk by patients directly from the outflow until the beginning of the 20th century, when the New Baths were established and the water began to be used for baths. The Caroline's Spring colonnade has been open to the public since 1869. Caroline's Spring flows out of the ground beneath the former colonnade below the church.

Name: Caroline's Spring (Karolinin pramen)
Address: Reitenbergerova, 353 01 Marianske Lazne
Situation: in the centre of the spa zone
GPS: 49° 58' 31.43" N, 12° 42' 28.51" E
Cross Spring Cross Spring
Historical records of the Tepla Monastery, dating back to 1749, were the first to mention the Cross Spring, describing it as a "salty" spring producing "salty acidulous water"...In 1749, the apothecary Damian Schulz from Tepla had a tall carved cross erected near the Salty Spring, with stones laid around the location. Since that time, it has been referred to as the Cross Spring.

The spring was used for drinking and bathing. Later, the spring had been roofed with an impressive pavilion standing on 72 Ionic pillars and decorated with a cupola and a golden cross. The former building was made of wood, bricks and stucco in order not to damage the spring with its weight. The original building was preserved until 1912. Then a completely new pavilion was built, copying the original style.

Name: Cross Spring (Krizovy pramen)
Address: Masarykova, 353 01 Marianske Lazne
Situation: in the centre of the spa zone
GPS: 49° 58' 40.21" N, 12° 42' 27.34" E
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