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Loket Castle Unique Romanesque architectural elements.

Loket, a very old town with a castle of the same name, lies above the valley of the Ohre River between Karlovy Vary and Sokolov.
Loket Castle was founded by Czech kings at the beginning of the 13th century and was strategically located near the territory borders. The castle with its unique Romanesque architectural elements is open to the public, including the deep subterranean dungeons once used as a prison. The settlement, situated on the slopes surrounding the castle, features plenty of sights of historical interest to visitors.

The annual "Loket Opera Festival" is a major attraction which takes place in a picturesque amphitheatre below Loket Castle.

Minimum recommended stay in Loket Castle: 0,5 day
Name: Loket Castle (Hrad Loket)
Address: Zamecka 67, 357 33 Loket, Czech Republic
GPS: 50° 11' 13.81" N, 12° 45' 15.57" E
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John from USA 12/2012
I am very interested in a legend concerning Hans Heiling (Jan Svatos) and Loket Castle. Is there anything available on this story?
Wano from U.S.A 02/2012
That little man is Gottstein, the lord of all rocks and stones and the nether world below Loket. If you touch his nose, you are going to have good luck; if you touch his club, bad luck will befall you.
Steven from Ireland 07/2010
Cool place I was there 2 years ago I loved it.
Jan from United states 04/2010
Sir: There is a statue in Loket Castle court yard, a little man with a big club and a beard, that is shiny, from people rubbing it. Who is this little man and why does he have the big club? Thanks.
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