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History The origins of Jindrichuv Hradec are linked to the existence of an ancient Slavic fortified settlement, which became, since at least the 10th century, a center of administration and business. Towards the end of the 12th century, the region of southeastern Bohemia was allotted to Vitek of Prcice, who divided the territory among his five sons, who thus became founders of important South-Bohemian aristocratic families known as Vitkovci (Witigons). In their coats-of-arms, each of the Witigons had a differently colored five-petal rose.

The earliest mention of Jindrichuv Hradec dates to the year 1220. Then a gothic castle was built on the grounds of the former fortified settlement. During 13th century, the surroundings of the castle, grew to a sizeable town, which bears his name to this date (in Latin sources, the town is referred to as Nova Domus, in German sources as Neuhaus. The current name of the town appeared in historic sources for the first time only in 1410). The coat-of-arms of the Lords of Hradec, a golden rose on a blue background, eventually supplemented with two golden lions and letter "W" a special privilege granted by king Wladislaw II in 1483 - these remain in the town s emblem to this day.
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