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General Conditions • Prices
Rental conditions include short term and weekend rental prices. Short term rentals are calculated from price as per rental duration (for example 3 days rental - price for 3 -5 days times three; for 8 days rentals - price for 8+ times eight; for 14 days rental - again price for 8+ days times 14). Weekend rentals are available only between Thursday 8:00 untill Tuesday 20:00 and must include Saturday. Period of weekend rentals are fix by number of days or hours from starts of rental.

• The prices don´t include
SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver), WI (Windscreen Insurance), PAI ( Passenger Accident Insurance), gasoline, selfparticipation and optional services. Prices don´t include mandatory winterization fee 9,6 EUR + VAT per rental charged between 01 NOV - 31 MAR.

• Currency
All prices are in EUR.

• Validity of Prices
The mentioned prices are only valid for Czech Republic.

• Duration of one Rental Day
Minimum duration of a rental is 24 hours, while the day rate shall be charged also if it is exceeded by 29 minutes at maximum. Should the period of 24 hours be exceeded by more than 29 minutes, another whole day shall be extra charged. Maximum duration of a rental is not generally set.

• Minimum Age of Lessee´s Customer
The minimum age for groups J, A, B, C, D, M, N, G, H, I, L is 21 years, for groups E, F, O, R, S, T, U 25 years and for group P 30 years. Maximum age is 70 years for all car groups. Young Driver Surcharge 2,40 EUR + VAT per day up to 25 years.

• Driving Licence
All drivers must have a valid driver´s license for 12 months and the license has to be valid in Czech Republic.

• Passport / Identity card
In taking over the vehicle, the Lessee´s customer shall present the valid passport or identity card every time. Při přebírání vozu musí nájemce vždy předložit platný OP nebo cestovní pas.

• Terms of Payment
Renter has to present his valid credit card at the time of rental. Hertz accepts HCC, Amex, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, Diners, JCB. For cars at higher car groups must customer present two credit cards. Billing - EUR converts to CZK by fixed exchange rate of an invoicing date. The fixed exchange rate is displayed at Hertz station.

• Refuelling Service
At the beginning of each rental, the Lessor obtains the car with full tank. Rates are exclusive of gasoline. All drivers must return the car with full tank otherwise refuelling service will be charged. The price for gasoline may oscillate between 50 - 70 CZK / 1l.

• "Rent It Here – Leave It There" Program
A vehicle can mostly be returned at a branch other than where it was hired. Vehicle drop-offs in the Czech Republic are free of charge. Vehicle drop-offs in another country are possible for a certain fee. The requirement for a vehicle drop-off in abroad must be notified at the vehicle reservation or at the beginning of the rental, where you will be informed on current fees for the "Rent It Here - Leave It There" service. On special weekend rentals are not allowed one way rentals.

• Fee for Another Driver
Rented vehicle can be driven by more than one drive regardless of beeing recorded in the rental agreement. However, responsible person is the driver recorded in the rental agreement. The Lessor shall charge an extra fee amounting to 30 EUR + VAT per rental and each driver.

• Delivery and Collection
Delivery at cities, where Hertz has a location free of charge (max. 15 km from nearest Hertz location). Other availabilily will be charged by distance from Hertz location.

• Airport Service Charge
Airport fees of 19 % at the airport in Prague, 12 % at the airport in Ostrava, 12 % at the airport in Brno, in each case at the basic daily rate and insurance, shall be added to the price of the rental. Minimum charge 26 EUR + VAT.

• Rentals out of Business Hours
For a rental out of business hours, the Lessor shall charge an extra fee amounting to 36 EUR + VAT.

• Reservation
Vehicle reservations are accepted for a vehicle group, not for a particular type of the vehicle. The Lessor reserves the right to refuse a reservation of the Lessee, if the capacity in number of motor vehicles in the given term is drained out. The Lessor shall however use all reasonable efforts to satisfy the Lessee´s requirements to full extent. Should the Lessor not be able to satisfy the Lessee as for the required vehicle group after the reservation is made and confirmed, the Lessor is obliged to provide a motor vehicle of a higher group at a price for the group originally required. Minimum pre-reservation are 3 working days. Freesell for car groups J, A, B, K. Other car groups are on-request.

• Optional Services
The Lessor offers various other additional services such as Personal Accident Insurance, rental of children´s car seats, roof racks and ski racks, snow chains etc. If interested, the Lessee can obtain information on current prices from the Lessor´s branches.

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